Services We Offer!


The Doosara Bachpan intends to provide proper care, hygienic and nutritious food, regular medication, entertainments programs, neat and healthy complex with garden, pathways for tracking, indoor and outdoor activities, library, interaction programs, mediation, yoga, physiotherapy, guest room facility, sick room facility, in-house competition for game and sports with the help of committed and well trained staff.

Accomodations at Doosara Bachpan


Comprehensive housing services is available to all inmates through out their life at Doosara Bachpan. Applicants have a free choice           of any of the following three types of housing accomodations, subject to the availability of rooms.

Suit, single, double, triple rooms are available with AC/Non-AC facility with balcony, attached toilet, study table, wardrobe, T.V. and               wide corridor etc.



❖  For the seniors it is important to relate to the space and the new people around. the necessary arrangement are made to generate             a feeling of community and a sense of belonging.

❖  The elders will have religious and spiritual activities to engage in , this will not only occupy their time but also soothe their souls.

                   ❖ Various lecture on different topics will be conducted.

                   ❖ All our festivals will be celebrated in the most traditional ways.

                   ❖ Movies of their time will be screened for their enjoyment.

                   ❖ Picnics and outings to nearby spots will be done regularly.

Nutrition and Medical Care


❖  At Doosara Bachpan, special attention will be paid to the nutrition and health of the elders. They will have properly planned                           diet to incorporate all their nutritional requirements as well as personal tastes.

  A large dining facility with clean and modern kitchen is provided.

                   ❖ Traditional vegetarian meals.

Regular visit by doctors to check ups.

Tie up with reputed hospital for quick treatments.



❖  For fulfillment of their time and enjoyment various activities will be held all around the year. They will be provided with a wide range           of  options to spend their time fruitfully .The activities are designed in a way to provide complete physical, mental and spiritual well           being of the seniors.

❖  Overall, there is no better place where an aged person would like to live because the organization wishes to share the message of              love and hope . Doosara Bachpan desires that every individual who enters the home may learn the good values of life and gain true            meaning and purpose for living further.